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What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

We understand that we are needed to perform an important service. From a simple clogged drain to an entire home remodel, our customers have been completely satisfied with our work.

I would like to thank you for the recent work you performed at my condo, and I would like to commend you to have John as your technician.


Despite the extra hassles from things like leaking parts and rusted bolts, John took care of business efficiently and with quality. At all times he was a reasonable and professional.


Your company has an excellent reputation among my neighbors, and John’s work on this project has surpassed my expectations.


This old condo has other plumbing issues in its future, and I will be calling you when that time comes.


                                                                                        - Woody

"John has surpassed my expectations"

Chris and I just wanted to thank you all for your extraordinary help in getting our plumbing issues solved. Not only were you extremely professional and timely in helping us, you were nice.


Shellie, we know you worked hard on locating the parts we need, and appreciate that very much. At least we are educated on exactly what it will take in the future to do the upgrades we will need. John, you had to work extra hard on some difficult aspects of changing out 44 year old fixtures – we know it was not easy.


John, you were here with the estimate the day we called. That is great service. You run a wonderful company and we’ll not only use you in the future but recommend you to everyone we know.

                                                                          - Chris and Eve

"You run a wonderful company"

Backed up with over 30 years of experience, Plumber John is a fully licensed and insured company located at North Venice.

My latest experience with your company was as good as the first. John is pleasant and professional, and his work was efficient and top-notch.


Your group is straightforward and honest, a rare treat in today’s world.


                                                                                        - W

"His work was efficient and top-notch"  

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